Dr. Sharmila Mallick Choudhuri

(Principal, GIIS Bannerghatta, Bengaluru)


A hearty warm welcome to all the students and parents of this futuristic school. I am extremely proud to be the PRINCIPAL of an eco-friendly lush green campus GIIS, Bannerghatta that creates a safe, nurturing environment for every child.

To us, every child is special and we endeavour to create an educational program that encourages every individual to indulge in their own curiosity, develop critical thinking and other relevant skills that will help them carve out a path for themselves.

GIIS imparts quality education by integrating technology and makes all possible efforts to make learning interesting and enjoyable. We provide an appealing and stimulating curriculum that is flexible and tailored to every child’s need. Our skilled, talented and dedicated teachers ensures every child grows in confidence and capabilities and develops skills that are critical and important for the 21st century living. Every child is taught to conduct themselves well, articulate their vision, handle adverse circumstances and think critically. We cultivate in every child, the core values of compassion for knowledge and commitment.

A child in his / her journey of learning with GIIS will adopt the key elements of RELATIONSHIPS, MINDSETS, INCLUSION and INNOVATION.  


Warm Regards

Dr. Sharmila Mallick Choudhuri