GIIS graduates are sought after by the world’s leading universities year after year. To what do we attribute our extraordinary placement record? The winning combination of our signature integrated approach to learning and our extraordinary Career Counseling resources.

Our pedagogy is academically focused to ensure that students get a good head-start in higher education as well as the best career counseling to make informed decisions for higher studies.

Placement Success

In 2014 alone, a remarkable 47 percent of GIIS IB grads were offered admission into the world’s top 50 universities. In 2015, our graduates upheld the GIIS educational legacy by securing placements at prestigious universities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, including the University of Cambridge; University of Oxford; National University of Singapore; University of California, Los Angeles; New York University, and many others.

Real-World Learning

In pursuing either the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program or Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in grades 11 and 12, our students benefit from a holistic approach to education ensuring maximum exposure to comprehensive learning opportunities. In addition to enriching students academically and personally, our cutting edge curriculum also strengthens and distinguishes their qualifications with university admissions committees.

The benefits of our curriculum are no better exemplified than by our outstanding scores in board examinations conducted by CBSE, Cambridge IGCSE, and the IB Diploma Programme. Our unique performance-measuring metrics track and monitor each child's academic results, enabling teachers to determine and continuously improve their academic record.

Strategic Career Counseling

In partnership with our holistic learning methods, students also gain access to the GIIS Career Counseling Cell, which offers support and guidance to students on matters of higher education. Individual consultation sessions facilitated by our expert professional team on campus are supplemented by a variety of other programmes, aimed at connecting students with the best universities for them.

We support our students and parents in identifying suitable universities through a well-structured programme, which includes one-to-one counseling, career fairs, information sessions, university visits, and hand holding throughout the application process.

But it doesn’t end there. In addition to counseling on the application itself, students are also guided through the preparation of transcripts, recommendation letters, essays, and personal statements.

The result? Not only are GIIS students academically prepared for a top-tier higher education and real world success, but they’re uniquely positioned to navigate the complex pathways to the best universities which will help them reach their goals.