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GIIS offers a unique approach to learning through its educational initiatives. These programs and activities keep students acutely engaged while providing teachers and parents with the ability to remain connected and fully informed of how their child is performing and progressing..

9 Gems

Nine Gems is a dynamic framework for holistic education that brings the best of global learning to craft students into effective, peaceful, and well-educated leaders. Our focus is placed on universal values,ethics, discipline, creativity, and personality development in the initial years, and towards academic achievement, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and key competencies for vocational and career progression..

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Gold Squad Programme

The GIIS Gold Squad Programme provides those students with an aptitude for athletics with a platform to calibrate and improve their talents and learned skills by participating in a series of high-level competitions.

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Leadership Lecture Series

GIIS brings in global leaders in arts, education, politics, athletics and more to bring their passion to students through the Leadership Lecture Series.

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Global Knowledge Exchange

GIIS brings together students from each of its global campuses, ensuring a true multi-cultural experience. Through virtual connections, teachers from one campus can educate students at another, while students at one campus are learning alongside students from another, sharing their ideas, culture and experiences in the process.

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To keep students, teachers and parents connected and working together as a team, GIIS offers the myGIIS app, a mobile intranet platform aimed to promote communication and track student performance.

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Happiness Index

At GIIS, we want our students to be happy, so they can be as productive as possible, and turn out to be responsible citizens. The Happiness Index allows us to measure the “satisfaction quotient” of our students and thus the effectiveness of our educational offerings

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Proprietary Activities

From spelling competitions to storytelling sessions, GIIS campuses routinely come together over friendly activities that allow them to showcase their skills while competing for awards and accolades.

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